Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2017 In The World

Clean atmosphere beautifies the surroundings. It adds up to the refreshing sceneries and play important part in hygiene. Neat and pleasant environment attracts everyone not only this it enhance the looks and perceptions . “Keep the area clean” , is a justified slogan for every place . Some authorities strongly condemn the impurity and dirt. The people living in specific region also plays an important role in keeping society neat and clean and give same impact to others. Poor sanitary system makes the place complete dump and this give birth to many harmful diseases. There are still some places on earth which signifies their utmost beauty and charm and maintains their criteria for tourists to please their eyes with natural allurement. Here are the Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2017 In The World .



Cleanest Cities 2017

One of the highest ranking city of U.S.A. Found in Oahu’s south shore, Exotic Centre for night life and shopping . It is used for transit system of American associates. One of the most dreamy place of all , is so admirable and neat. Containing memorable places of World War ll , it convince the visitors to take special interest in it. The city has less pollution because of reduced fumes and toxicity of industrial place . As being an important and commercial place U.S.A government take special charge of it . Millions of people discover it in many ways .



It is large city with more than 500,000 inhabitants but still it maintains beauty by merging with old passion and ever lasting grace. HELSINKI has a proper system of rail commuter which worth taking pride of . It is not much industrial area and have wide roads and streets which prevents from congestion and rush .It contains population from all different regions and religions that are likely to live and pursue their city.



Considered to be most green city Oslo is ranked in top ten of the best . Government of this city itself took charge for its safety and cleanliness . It’s hidden sources makes it unique in many ways . They introduce buses that run on by the waste of human. Thus , less fuels like diesel and petrol will use and this will add up to environment free of acidity and other harmful agents . Many people headed towards Norway because this city is full of life and colours. It provides many beneficial rights to their people.



The city of Japan is full of traditions and they whole heartedly welcome their guests in their city and feel pride to it . The specialty of this city is that most of people prefers to walk or move in bicycles this adds a plus point to clean atmosphere . This city relies on tourist for their income . Although it is a small city with just 30,000 population but everyone is more concerned about neatness of roads, streets and buildings. The city arrange many fairs, traditional festivals for interest and enjoyment thus, they have to keep pleasant surroundings for everyone.



Sweden is thought to be one of most finest country contains ravishing places like Stockholm , the city is free of industrialism , thus has very low rate of pollutants . About 5% of vehicles of this city are hybrids . Small city has much more to show up to their beloved one’s , as it contains scenic beauty of whole Sweden . High green mountains make it touches the sky. It has soothing and fresh atmosphere .



Clever government of Ottawa handle their people by arranging cleaning program in which all the volunteer’s take part to clean their roads,streets,garbage and dump places. Thus maintains their sideline to better . It most educated city of Canada, and 4 largest city . Ottawa is capital city of Canada and hold great importance . It has an estimated population of 960,754. This Beautiful city has the highest standard of living than any other city. Different restaurants adds flavor and charm to it with traditional ethics and sum ups.



City of skyscraper’s Calgary marks center of attraction for everyone. It has a status of Canadian’s Oil industry yet has a main role in defining the society. This city stepped to western culture to justifies traditional norms and customs. The city is well planned and has a grid view to all it also has light rail transportation . It also has well known system of recycling thus you cannot find any polluted streets or roads. Vast population 1.097 million records diversity with defined culture and modernism. Surrounding with blue water it completes the beauty and is one of the most attractive cities too.



One of the most dreamy places holding importance for lover’s specially Paris has one of great ideal horizon of THE EIFFEL TOWER . Paris has population of 2,229621 inhabitant’s assure their place to be loved. It is a city of class ,arts, color, passion, fashion and gastronomy .They state an accurate sanitary system and control that you cannot find any garbage on ways . It is very economical and healthy place to live in ,full of green with warm feelings of oneself . Although Paris is a humdrum city with Millions of people heading towards Disney Land . But still the finishing in environment is so accurate and suitable for everyone.



New Zealand the country of forest which absorbs much of the pollution of the city and release a fresh and healthy atmosphere it adds plus point to it . Number of historical places are tidily preserved by the services . People use public transport instead of cars which greatly reduce the fumes and toxic environment . It has population of 4.471 million and still counting on it . This is one of the most populated cities in the world but managed and organised very well by the authorities.



  • Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2017

It is said to be Heaven on Earth. The most beautiful country and exceptional city Zurich steals all the attraction of tourists . High mountains and waterfalls makes this place extraordinary. It has population about 378.884 million . People are cleaning this city with their own will, like they are working as volunteer . They are using great vehicle pollution recycle system due to which there is no smog in the environment. This is full of zeal and enthusiasm that you find only by visiting it.